Take Action

Are you looking to get involved in a local campaign that gets at the very core of an unjust system that exploits workers, communities, the environment and, of course, other species? Are you someone who cares about intersectional justice and all species liberation and is looking for a way to put your passion to work? Then join us in making history right here in Chicago! Our success will depend largely on the power of grassroots activists like you. What we accomplish here is already inspiring other towns and cities. If we can make it happen here – in the city that once promoted itself as the slaughter capital of the world — it can happen anywhere!

Are you an ally group?

The SFC campaign believes strongly in nonviolent direct action and welcomes proposals for collaboration with other groups we see as allies in our broader struggle to end all forms of oppression. If you are a member of another grassroots organization interested in discussing a potential collaboration, we’d love to hear your thoughts!